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I- Align Is suitable for people new to yoga and need to learn the fundamentals of practice as well as for those with remedial conditions who require a methodical approach.

All the different catagory of asanas will be taught, standing poses, which will strengthen the legs to provide more support above, forward bends ,backbends, arm balances, prep inversions. You will start to use the specific Iyengar yoga  equipment provided for more support for the body while building strength and flexibility.

What our students say


"I started doing yoga about 2003 at home, when I had been out of work. I loved doing yoga, but after a relationship breakup and a change of city revealed depression and anxiety I didn’t continue, though I never forgot and never gave up wanting to get back into it, especially since my job is sedentary and involves repetitive movement of my arms and shoulders. I think it was over a year ago now, after I saw your sign in Glen Eden go up, that I came in for my first ever class and I’m feeling much better, in every way.” I’ll be fifty this year and hope to be “not a beginner” by about seventy ;-)"

Level 1
Barbara Williams

"Nourishing harmony and tranquility within myself is paramount to my well being. IYOGA studio and my teacher Vanessa Greenwood guides and encourages me respectfully, firmly and supportively to practice Iyengar yoga. I attend regular weekly classes and have always found Vanessa present, focused and sensitive to my needs and the needs of the class. As a CEO I need time to rejuvenate, have clarity of mind and spirit, humility and the space to continually build my inner strength. My yoga classes with Vanessa help me to achieve this."

Barbara Williams CEO Hospice West Auckland
Level 1