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What our students say

Alan Drayton

"I see great value for me in yoga and your teaching style. In fact I always leave feeling the class was tailored just for me and feel better for coming. At 56 years young and a lifetime career in the building industry this is just what I need."

Level 1
Jenny Booth

"I have been learning yoga for over ten years. I first took it up because I was diagnosed with lupus, which affects your joints among other things. I have been learning with Vanessa for the last five or six years. I really like the methods Vanessa uses to teach. No position is hurried. Each asana is explained carefully and appropriate support is given when needed. Each students gets individual attention with each asana. There is no emphasis on the final outcome. It is the process that counts. I go away from the class feeling relaxed and energised."

Catherine Simpson

"Yoga for me, is a way to learn to use my body as it should be. Over the years some of us have started to not stand straight, hold stress in different parts of our bodies - mine is my lower back - or slouch when we drive or sit. I love going to a class where I am treated as an individual. I want to have a fit and active life and this is my way of achieving it."

Level 1
Lew Powell

"I am semi-retired and have led a life in outdoor pursuits. Whilst skiing I sustained a knee injury and had to find an alternative recreation. I began practicing yoga fifteen years ago, not only to keep fit, but to try and heal the injuries sustained. I have worked with Vanessa for the past five years and now have no lingering effects from my past injury which has enabled me once again to pursue outdoor activities. I find the Iyengar style of yoga which Vanessa teaches is challenging, both mentally and physically."

Nichola Turenhout

"Several friends recommended Vanessa Greenwood’s restorative yoga classes to me to work on my posture and flexibility after a back injury. I’m so pleased with my progress after three months of her expert care – especially the fact that my back pain has almost entirely gone. Her attention to detail, her one-to-one approach even in the group setting, and her knowledge of the mechanics of the human body are beyond impressive. I’ve been able to correct poor sitting, standing and bending postures I’ve used for decades, and can feel my mobility returning. The classes are interesting and varied, and each week is a fresh challenge. I’m so passionate about her classes that I’ve got my at-first-reluctant husband going too, and he’s loving it too."