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IYOGA Classes

Come and feel the positive effects of yoga.

Strength, flexibility, focus for mind and body to create change.

Yoga is a process.

Every student is encouraged to do the best they can while being aware how they feel mentally and physically.

The aim at Iyoga is to teach you the Iyengar style of yoga, bringing more awareness to body alignment, a better sense of balance and strength, and a focused, calmer mind. When we are present for ourselves, and others, life becomes more meaningful, holistic and integrated.

Iyoga studio classes are a maximum of 20 students.

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If you have little or no yoga experience

You will learn how to use basic equipment, moving into and out of asanas and gaining more flexibility, strength and balance. Enjoy moving into the different shapes that release tension and give awareness as to where your body needs more attention.

5 or 10 week courses

Level 1

If you have some experience of yoga

An introduction to slightly more challenging asanas. The pace is picked up, moving with more agility and awareness. An abundant amount of energy is cultivated. Less stress, more calm.

Level 2

When you have done 3-6 months of regular Iyengar yoga practice

You are more aware of the imbalances in your body. You will work towards a deeper understanding of each asana. Inversions are regularly practiced. More advanced asanas and pranayama (breath control) are introduced.


All levels welcome.

A slower more supported class. Ideal if you are recovering from illness or injury, experiencing back, neck or muscular pain, or working on postnatal/birth recovery.
Pranayama (breath control) is introduced.


It is safe to start yoga in pregnancy without previous experience

Asanas will benefit an expecting mother during the different stages of her pregnancy. We do recommend a pre-conceive yoga practice, however if you are new to yoga while pregnant, it is best to start after the 13th week of your pregnancy. The job of a pregnant woman is to be at her utmost healthiest and yoga will help to achieve this. While relaxation is an important part in these classes, strength, balance and a stronger connection of tuning into your body will also support your body and mental wellness and increased breath awareness will assist you during labour.

Mother and baby

A yoga class where you are with your baby addressing to his or her needs, as well as your own*

Practice asanas that work the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. Increase the rate of recovery from labour and birth. Gain postural awareness while holding baby during standing and sitting. Release tension that can build up through feeding. Increase milk flow through specific asanas. Relax and recharge. Meet other babies and mothers.

*Bookings essential

Monthly Restorative

Class is on the first Tuesday of every month 6 - 8pm

Restore, relax, replenish. A slower more focused practice. Improve your body awareness, postural alignment, muscle imbalances. Pranayama is also taught. Regain your energy both mentally and physically. Make this class your monthly treat.
Experience needed.


Focusing on different asana categories, workshops help to gain clarity on the difficulties you can experience in achieving an asana. You will also learn the hierarchy of each asana; how the positions build upon each other.

Each workshop will have a specific theme, such as backbends, hypertension, yoga for runners, yoga while menstruating, pranayama. The intention is for the student to benefit by gaining a more in depth experience while targeting specific needs. You will also receive a sequence, which can be used in and out of class that will inspire you for your home practice, in an achievable 2hr15min workshop.

“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.” B.K.S. Iyengar